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Frequently Asked Questions.

Your teacher should receive that information approximately two weeks before the contest.

Any change of an entered selection after the original application has been submitted is allowed, but must be in the same category/level as the original selection choice.

Time changes are NOT allowed, except in the case of an emergency.

Yes, page turners are allowed.

Contestants may warm up before beginning their selection (i.e. a scale, arpeggio, chords, etc.). It is best not to use any part of their contest selection as a warm up.

Contestants cannot use photocopies of published music that is currently available.

The use of audio or video recorders is permitted to record your own child’s or student’s performance. You may also record the award presentation, however, you must have prior written permission to record any other contestant’s performance. Audio or video recorders are instructional tools for your own personal use. Recordings will not be accepted as criterion regarding the judging.

No, duets, trios and ensembles do not need to be memorized.

Parents must go through their teacher who can express your concerns to us.

Contest schedules will be emailed to the teacher no later than 2 weeks before the contest date. 

Notify your teacher who will contact us.  Your child can be scheduled as last in the class to give you a little more time.  Also, we can tell you the expected end time of the class to assist with your planning.

Notify your teacher who will contact us. We can place your children earlier or later in their class so you should be able to attend all of their performances.

Contest directions and a campus map will be sent to each teacher with the contest schedules.

There is no central check in place.  Instead, simply go to your contest room and the Room Captain will check you in at the start of your class.

If you encounter any issue at all at the contest, go to the contest office and they will try to accommodate you if possible.

There are no warm-up rooms for piano contestants.  A warm-up room or area will be provided for Vocals & Strings.

Feel free to bring anyone you want with.  However, the competition rooms have a limited amount of space and seating. Also, refrain from bringing young children.

Definitely!  You can come and go as you please. However, you are not allowed to enter    a competition room while a student is performing.  Please be courteous.

There are vending machines in the contest building.  The downtown Wheaton area with    many restaurants is in walking distance from the campus.