online registration


Every competition has rules to ensure that everyone participates in a fair and unbiased competition. We advise you to read all the rules before registering. Click below for a copy of our rules.

2. Registration information

Learn about our Annual Competition by reading our Registration Information. This document will provide you with all the details of our competition.

3. required lists

We have required lists for students competing in piano, strings, and guitar (suggested list). Check out our required lists for each individual instrument.

4. register online

You can register each student through our online registration process. We make the registration intuitive and easy. You can also pay online through PayPal or a Credit card.

5. consider volunteering

The IMA is a great place to make new friends! We are a friendly group of musicians, teachers, and overall downright fun people! Join us for the weekend. There are many opportunities for you to assist.

6. consider becoming a member

There are many reasons for becoming a member of the IMA. Did you know that your students pay a discounted fee for the competition if you are a member? Click below to find out more!